About Us

BioAuxilium is a Canadian biotechnology company focused on the development and manufacturing of ready-to-use, custom assay kits based on the homogeneous (no-wash, add-and-read), sensitive and robust TR-FRET technology. Our products are commercialized through strategic alliances with industrial partners. Our mission is to provide new, rapid, easy-to-use products that simplify laboratory workflow and accelerate drug discovery & life science research.

Founded by accomplished scientists from PerkinElmer BioSignal, BioAuxilium provides a range of high-quality, customized assay kit development services across a number of areas including basic research, drug discovery, biologic quantification and biomarker detection.

BioAuxilium is based in Montréal (Québec, Canada) and has access to NEOMED Institute’s state-of-the-art laboratories and core facilities.

BioAuxilium scientists have decades of industry experience and a deep expertise in the design, development and manufacturing of assay kits and reagents for the drug discovery and research market. Indeed, BioAuxilium founders have played a key role in the development of commercially successful assay reagents and technologies addressing multiple therapeutic targets, including LANCE® Ultra cAMP kit for GPCR activation, LANCE Ultra europium-labeled antibodies and ULight™-labeled peptides for kinase activity, AlphaLISA® kits for biomarker detection, and BRET and BRET2™ as biosensors for cAMP. BioAuxilium scientists have also provided custom assay development services, expert advice and assay troubleshooting for leading pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations. With 50 years of collective experience in the detection of proteins, hormones, cytokines and even smaller analytes in biological samples as well as in the measurement of enzyme activity on various types of platforms, BioAuxilium can design and develop a robust and sensitive assay to detect and quantify your molecule of interest.

BioAuxilium provides a comprehensive yet flexible NPD approach that incorporates a proven, industry-validated process coupled with our know-how and scientific insight. This allow us to provide customized solutions while mitigating risks, managing costs and meeting agressive timelines.